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Andrew Breitbart videos, seen in class, were shocking. Breitbart used video editing to falsely represent ACORN workers as traffickers bringing young women into the US as part of a prostitution trade. Furthermore, mainstream media believed, and followed the story, painting ACORN workers as perpetrators.  However, in reality they were actually the reason the prostitution trade was exposed. It is strange how many people believed such a fantastically wild story, just because it was presented in the media. This shows the power of the media, and how it can easily create false news.  Even reputable outlets like the New York Times failed to uncover the truth. The New York Times is well trusted, well read, and influential. If such a hoax could end up in this paper, it’s clear to see how easily the public can become misinformed due to poor journalism work.

Regardless, I find it encouraging that, as discussed in class, independent mediums are now the news outlets that seem to be most reliable. It is bizarre, nonetheless, that mainstream media often picks up on inaccurate independent media stories rather than the independent media stories that are the well researched, accurate accounts of events, circumstances, and situations.

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